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Neagan won Baby BIS1

2 X International Dogshow 1 X National Dogshow in Miskolc 13-14/May/ 2017 We had a very succesful weekend in Miskolc, we are very very proud of our poms!!

BBis ToplinePom Star Legend aka "Neagan" (Teagan son) WINNER of BABY BEST IN SHOW Under the respected judge ,Roberto Schill (Ro) , Thank You!! RESERVE BEST BABY IN SHOW under the respected judge , Szabó Sándor (Hu) Thank you!! 3 * Very promising, he is now HUNGARIAN MINOR PUPPY GRAND WINNER!! In one weekend..

Jun Ch ToplinePom Surrounding with Tokie aka " Miloo" (Soho son) 3* HPJ- > Hungarian Junior Champion!! Only one weekend!!

Int Th Ch Tokie Thunder Rolls aka " Deedee" BOS , Cacib!!

Salgótarján National Dogshow !!!

Deedee / Int. Th. Ch Tokie Thunder Rolls/ won CAC and BOS today under the respected judge Firic Péter ( Srb) , thank you!

Breeder : Toby Tokie Tangkaravakun / Thank You for this great female/

Owner : Tibor Schulhoff and Csilla Tóth , ToplinePom Kennel

Neagan / ToplinePom Star Legend / made his first show very well!! He won his baby class and got very promising result. And he was proposed for baby Best in Show by the respected judge Firic Péter ( Srb) . Thank You !

Sire : Biss Am. Can Ch Sunterra Star Power aka Teagan

Dam : Th. Ch We Star's First Legend to Toppom aka Muffin

Owner / Breeder : Tibor Schulhoff & Csilla Tóth ToplinePom Pomeranians



American Pomeranian Nationality 2017 , Kentucky !!!!

We are proud owner of our Gina " Th. Young Ch. Tokie Talk of the Devil" She just made her debut perfectly in America. She won in the senior sweepstakes cathegory Best Female and Best of Opposite sex!! And continued on Wednesday with winning her class , the 12-18 months old female. We can't be enough thankful to her Breeder : Toby(Tokie Pom)!! Toby made for us possible to own such a beautiful female as Gina, and gave the chance to us to breed beautiful pomeranians in the future😍 Gina now stays in America with the great Pamela Campbell and continue the shows.




A mai napon Bombi új , szerető családhoz került😊 külön örülünk , hogy a közelünkben fog élni.

Bombi /ToplinePom The Great Hero Bombata/

Apa/Sire: BIS. Hun. JCh Hun.Ch Great Miracle Is Posol'stva Krasoty aka.Nice (nr.1 Junior Pom 2014 Hun.)

Anya/Dam : ToplinePom Hero Of Morgan aka Funny (Pepsi Daughter, nr.1 Pom 2013&2014 in Thailand)

Tenyésztő / Breeder : Schulhoff Tibor - Tóth Csilla ToplinePom Pomeranian kennel


A mi imádnivaló "Simbánk" új nevet és új szerető családot kapott !!! Az ő neve "Max"' tulajdonosa pedig Bazsó-Acsay Magdi és családja.

Max /ToplinePom Top Of The World/ Apa: Hun.Ch.Thai Ch. Tokie Top Charts aka.Soho Anya: Chai's Sunshine Hwan-Hwan aka. Honey

Tenyésztő / Breeder : Schulhoff Tibor - Tóth Csilla ToplinePom Pomeranian kennel

16865097_590145081177649_7635051544779088047_n (1)


One more great news today!!😍🐶"Soho" became 🏆Hungarian Champion🏆!!Now he is " Hun Th Ch Tokie Top Of The Charts" Thanks to Breeder Toby Tokie Tangkaravakun (Tokie Poms) Owner Schulhoff Tibor & Tóth Csilla (ToplinePom kennel)

16807367_1249478651768557_5476190511655917890_n (1)



International Dogshow Budapest!!

Deedee won  BOB today! Now she is already " Int Th Ch Tokie Thunder Rolls!! " Thank to respected judge Mrs Rita Kadike - Skadina ( LV) for the judging.  16730350_1247281005321655_1008689934631033396_n (2)




Bangkok Dog Show 2017!



Kecskemét International Dogshow!

We are very very happy, today " Teagan " Am Can Biss Ch Sunterra Star Power made his debut excellent in Hungary, He won BOB and After BOG 2! Thank To Dr. Tesics György (HU) for the Best Of Breed, and thank to Mr. Noel Beggs (IRL) for the GROUP 2!

2nd Day BOB /Noel Beggs (IRL)/, GROUP 3 /June Wall (IRL)/!




We were waiting so much for our 4th litter, and they were borned in June. We've got a very beautiful male & female.

Thank to Toby ( Tokie Poms ) for the great parents!


My new boy Teagan! 😍

Thank to Doug & John (Sunterra Poms)!

TEAGAN / Am. Can. Biss. Ch. Sunterra Star Power /


My new hopeful Selfie ! 😍 SELFIE / ToplinePom Legend of Sense /


Nitra ( Sk ) Champion of Champion dogshow

DEEDEE / Th Ch Tokie Thunder Rolls / won Victory Winners 2015.

SOHO / Th. Ch. Tokie Top of The Charts / Cac, ResCacib.


Luxemburg dog Show !


The American Pomeranian Club - National Specialty

We showed our new girl DEDE /Th Ch Tokie Thunder Rolls/ at the Pom Nationality.

Its so much fun! Thank to Toby for sharing us his wonderful female!





FeHoVa CACIB - Winter Dog Show

SOHO / Th Ch Tokie Top Of The Charts/


Új családtaggal bővűlt a ToplinePom kennel !!! 😍 Soho Thaifőldről érkezett már Thai Champion és 3.5 éves !!! 😍😍😍🙏 Fontos szerepet fog betőlteni a "tenyésztési programunkban" !!!


Nagyon jól éreztük magunkat a hétvégén a bangkoki kiállítason, és emellett meglágottuk a kutyáinkat akik jelenleg Thaiföldön vannak.😊😍😃👍

We had a fantastic weekend at the dogshow in Bangkok, and we had the opportunity to visit our poms are in Thailand now. 😊😍😃👍


Boldog karácsonyt kívánunk mindenkinek !!!

Merry christmas to all !!!


Sok csomagot Mindenkinek! "Santa is coming to town"



Tara & Daniella ! 2015 Miss World Hungary Örülünk neki , hogy Tara mindíg " jó kezekben " van !!



ZARA / Sunterra Steal A Kiss /

We are so happy , because our Zara was in the Canadian Show Scene magazine!

She won Best of Breed last week, She was loved by the judge, and according to this article, by the editor of the magazine

Thank You so much Doug , John and Robert




We have wonderful news , Zara our Sunterra girl started her canadian show career, and at her very first show, she won Best of Breed. We are so proud of her. Thank you Doug, John and Robert!



Super news. We have received Nice's Champion document today.  So Nice is officially Hungarian Champion. Nice was the No. 1 Junior Pom in Hungary in 2014.





We had a fantastic time with Doug & John, they are GREAT people, we loved to be there!! We visited our adorable Zara /Sunterra Steal A Kiss/ who is starting the canadian show soon


Tara & Kulcsar Edina a Like Bisztroban


New family of Tara

ToplinePom Wonder Women aka "Tara"

Breeder : Tibor Schulhoff , ToplinePom Pomeranian

Owner: Sarka Kata & Hajdú Péter

A mi imádnivaló Tarànk is gazdára talált: Hajdú Péter és Sarka Kata kislányának , Noncsinak, hűsèges társa lett



We had a super day.

"NICE" / Bis HunCh Great Miracle Iz Posol'stva Krasoty/ won BOB

"Brownie" / Morgan's Mercy Girl / won BOS


New family of Thor

ToplinePom Thor the Asgardian aka Thor

Breeder : Tibor Schulhoff , ToplinePom Pomeranian

Owner: Sandra Lia Nivaro


WDS Milan 2015



We are so proud of our sweet Muffin, that she can be between so beautiful and recognized poms!




Our adorable Muffin (11 months old) won Best of Group in Thailand dogshow

Thank to WE STAR's pomeranian for the professional handling and grooming.

  IMG_0060 IMG_0061 IMG_0062


Nice's grandfather is already American Champion!

Big congrats!

We are happy!




Am.Ch Fluke's Pom Parti Master. Is now finally back home at Fluke's Pomeranians with American champion.during his journey, I have to thanks Tokie Pomeranian and Mo Chaiyapol for take care of him and showing him At National Specialty Louisville Kentucky March 10-12,2014.

Another thank go to Pamela Campbell to fisnish him in USA. Lastly, thank you Tokie Pomeranian & We Star's Pom & Moxiepoms &To all my friends for everything you've done for me.

Thanks you very much.



Dogshow in Miskolc


BEST IN SHOW WINNER!!! "Nice" HUN Junior CH Great Miracle Iz Posol'stva Krasoty We had a wonderful weekend in Hungary - Miskolc.. Two dogshows in one day!! The result of the first dogshow : 1x CAC excellent Best Of Breed winner Best of Group Winner , BEST IN SHOW WINNER,

The result of the second dogshow: 1x CAC excellent Best of Breed winner Best of Group winner Thank you for the judge to Mr. László Erdős ( Hun) and to Mr. Mile Aleksoski ( Mac) Handler : Enikő Farkas - Thank you . Owneer : ToplinePom kennel (Tibor Schulhoff)






Dogshow in Kecskemét

HUN Junior Ch Great Miracle Iz Posol'stva Krasoty "NICE"




We had a great weekend in Kecskemét, we are very proud of our lovely Nice

  Saturday: 1 X CAC excellent, 1 X Cacib , BOB, judge :László Erdős (HU) BOG 3.,

Judge: Zeljka Fon Zidar (SLO)

Thank you for the judge.

Sunday : 1 X CAC excellent, 1 X Cacib, BOB, judge: Leos Jancik (Cz) reserved BOG,

Judge: Miroslav Zidar ( SLO)

Thank you for the judge.

Handler : Róbert Szabó




Our first baby just borned - Funny /ToplinePom Hero of Morgan/




Brownie- just arrived




Our little Brownie came home from Thailand! Her journey was succesful… She is pregnant from Pepsi – Bis .Th. Grand Ch Morgan’s Modern Design- The Number1 Pomeranian 2013 in Thailand! We are very thankful for take care of Brownie to Mr Chay

Dogshow in Szilvásvárad




Finally, we successfully finished the dog show in Szilvásvárad. ( 19-20-21. April) Nice's results are 3 x CACIB ... Nice got the Hun. Jun. Ch title !! Nice 3 x Winner no1.

Kennel-visiting in Thailand



First, we visited Mr. Toby Tangkaravakun , the owner of the Tokie Poms Mr. Toby was a great Amphitryon and we could take part on his 2 days grooming course. Usually he teaches people in 5-10 members group, but now exceptionally he kept the course for us.

We have learned a lot about the poms, the grooming, the handling and the breeding program . After the course we have already seen the breeding in a different way… We had the opportunity to see for example Dutchy ( Th. Grand. Am. Can. Ch Tokie the Legend Continues )



Our second destination was the Starlight kennel! Here we met Mr. J and saw several well-known poms as Paco , Predo and Jackie.Mr J has seen , that we are determined to estabilish a well-known kennel in Europe and later all over the world, that’s why he gave us several good advise about the breeding.



We have a good friendship with the excellent We Star ’s kennel! Mr . Vichai and his friends were very kind and helpful! Our new hope , Muffin( We Star’s First Legend to Toppom ) is the daughter of Happy ( Rus. Ukr. Th. Ch We Star’s Highlight Legend ) Happy is the No.1. Pomeranian of We Star’s, and we hope that Muffin will reach the same succes as her father .

We’ve left Muffin in Thailand , and Mr. Vichai will take care of her.. and one year later we hope she will arrive in Hungary as a Thai Champion



We also visited the Property Pom kennel … We saw very beautiful poms there! Our favourit was Cigar, who is already thai champion!



We spent a very good day at the Fluke’s Pom kennel! We have known, that she has many – many poms, but we’ve surprised , because she said it means more than 200 poms  The Fluke’s Pom is the most famous kennel all over the world in the parti colour poms.. She has many parti champion poms. But for us the two most important poms are the great-grandfather and grandfather of our NICE – Fluke’s Pom XO and Fluke’s Pom Party Master..up to this day they are the most important studing males at the Fluke’s Pom kennel!



Our other trust - Mercy Girl- comes from the rightly well-known Morgan’s kennel, whom owner is Mr. Chay Kulnipat. Mr . Chay Kulnipat can be very proud of his succesful male Pepsi, who is the No. 1. Pomeranian 2013. in Thailand. Our new female is the daughter of Pepsi’s sister.. so we hope, she will take after Pepsi Mercy Girl is now 1 year old, and we also left in Thailand. We are waiting for the second heating.. we would like to choose a grand-champion male for her, and we would like to bring her home as pregnant!



Our last destination was the Moxiepom kennel.. The owners are very-very kind and so hospitable. We saw a very beautiful female there, who is already champion in many countries… She is the own breeding of the Moxiepom, but they kept the secret of the parents. We tried to buy that female, but they didn’t want to sell her.


We have to talk about our best friend in Thailand .. Mrs. Roongrapas Thanyasindamrong , who is the owner of the Comet Poms kennel! She is using american and thai bloodline. We have learned so much from her about the poms. We saw her poms,for example the mother of Odin. – Odin is Can. Am. Th. champion.

We are very thankful , because without her help, we could’t meet with these great breeders. I can tell , that this is the beginning of a never ending friendship.



Dogshow in Kiev   14-15/12/2013.

We had the opportunity to take part  an international dogshow in Kiev , with our new miracle  🙂

Nice closed the two-day dogshow with a great result  in his class ( puppy),  ..on Saturday on the CACIB he was Best puppy breed 1st placed, as well as- male 1st placed in the championship, and multiple 1st placed! On Sunday on the CACIB he was Best puppy Breed 1st placed.




At last Nice is arrived 🙂  18/11/2013.

After many e-mails and a lot of skype- chatting , we were welcomed by Nice ’ s breeder in Ukraine.We spent there a weekend , and after much persuasion , they opted in that we could be the new parents of NiceJNice ’s breeder is  well-known in Ukraine and Russian too!we attack high hopes to Nice, in spite of his young-age , he is a groovy participant of the dogshows.

Before in Ukraine  5  times he camed out first in the best baby.There are many well-known champions in Nice’s pedigreeThe father of Nice is the  Rus. Ch FLUKE POM’S BLACK WHITE -  he camed from a well-known kennel of Thailand- He is living now in Moscow!The grandfather and the great-grandfather of Nice are FLUKE POM’S PARTI MASTER and FLUKE POM’S XO.The mother of Nice is the Ukr. Ch MIKI-RU (Posol’stva Krasoty kennel) – she is ukrainian and russian champion.

On his mother’s side there are many champions: Int’l Ch. RAZZLE DAZZLE Ready to Rhumba  and Bis. Can / Am Ch. RAZZLE DAZZLE Hot Dance ROM.



Honey is arrived from Thailand 🙂  13/09/2013.

After a long waiting time and much paperwork , Honey is arrived from the rightly well-known Thai Phoenix kennel! Phoenix’s Genome, who was the Nr.1 pomeranian in Thailand in the year 2010 and Thai Grand champion , also belongst to this kennel! Between Honey’s relatives we can meet many prize-winner poms of different well-known kennels.. PAK DOME’S COME BACK TO SORRENTO , PROPERTY RAINIE, TOKIE N’ SUNTERRA TANNER SHOWTIME, SUNTERRA SHARPER IMAGE.